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Re-Root Canal Treatments

Re-root canal treatment is a solution to save a tooth when root canal treatment has failed, and as with any medical procedure RCT does occasionally fail; studies have shown a success rate of approximately 90 per cent.

During re-root canal treatment, the existing root filling is removed and the root canals disinfected, then examined with the aid of an operating microscope to detect the presence of cracks or anatomical aberrations. Occasionally if a tooth is found to have cracks extending into the root canals the only option is extraction of the tooth.

Root canal treatment failure can be due to the presence of bacteria in the root canals because the bacteria were inaccessible despite proper disinfection of the canals. It can also be caused by: the presence of accessory root canal anatomy such as extra canals; further fractures in the tooth after treatment; leaking of the filling or crown due to decay; bacteria on the outer aspect of the roots; or the formation of cysts in or around the root canal.

Once the cause of failure has been established the different treatments and prognoses will be considered and discussed with the patient.

Re-root canal treatment has a success rate of 60 to 70 per cent depending on the pre-existing conditions, which the endodontist will take time to discuss with the patient.

If infection persists deep in the root canal a surgical approach may be necessary to lift the gum over the tooth and gain access to the inflamed or infected tissues around the tip of the root and clean the infection out.

If you have had root canal treatment that has failed or are experiencing pain in a tooth that underwent root canal treatment, arrange an appointment with a Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic endodontist to discuss your options for saving the tooth.