A Warm Welcome to Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic, London

Very few people change their dentist after discovering Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic, a place that’s got dentistry right for a very long time. It would be difficult to find a group of patients and a dental team that are more content, and testimony to this is how long everyone stays. They generally stay for life.

Trust needs time to develop, and that’s one thing Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic has had a lot of. It’s the oldest private practice in England and has been earning people’s trust since 1924. Apart from trust, good dentistry requires clinical skill which is evident in the practice’s history and its roster of specialist dentists. They are part of an unbroken tradition of innovative modern dentistry in the building which includes the pioneering use of dental hygienists, specialist periodontal care and dental implants, now key areas of mainstream dentistry.