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People who take good care of their teeth and gums can expect to keep their teeth for life and a regular dental examination protects the long term health of the mouth by identifying early signs of decay, gum disease and bite problems.

The Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic team advise patients to attend check-ups twice a year to protect their oral health, and these include hygiene sessions to remove calculus, the hard deposit formed when bacteria in the mouth reacts with minerals in the saliva.

Check-ups also include an oral cancer health screening, x-rays and guidance on tooth brushing and flossing techniques, the most effective way to prevent gum disease, which affects 83 per cent of the population and is the main cause of tooth loss in over-40s.

Many dental problems are hidden and without regular check-ups with enough time for a proper consultation it’s common for pathologies to be missed and worsen, leading to permanent damage to teeth and their roots. Regular appointments encourage patients to build a trusting relationship with the same dentist and allow clinicians to appreciate the factors surrounding their patients’ dental health such as their lifestyle and diet.

It’s important there’s time to talk with your dentist about what you want so they can get a clear idea of what success looks like and balance cosmetic factors with the bite, function, and general health of your teeth and gums.