90 Harley Street – Timeline & Heritage


Florence Nightingale left her hospital, on site of No.90 Harley Street, for Crimea where she famously became known as “The Lady of the Lamp”, after her routine of making rounds at night to tend to the wounded soldier.


The British Dental Association is formed. In the same year, Frances Brodie Imlach is the first ever dentist to be elected as President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.


The current building is given the No.90 Harley Street Address. Previously the building was No.1 Upper Harley Street. In the same year, the fateful HMS Titanic sets sail.


The first private dental practice in the UK is established. No.90 Harley Street is established by James M.Dyse and is the first practice of its kind,
setting out to lead the way in dental skills and patient care


The first dental hygienists are formally trained by the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during WWII


Fluoride toothpaste is first marketed in the UK


James Dyse publishes ‘Stress and decision-making in dental practice’
In 1974, Clive Invest (father of James Invest) becomes Partner at No.90 Harley Street


Dr Stuart Jacobs becomes a Partner at No.90 Harley Street, one year before Baroness Gardner of Parkes becomes the first dentist to receive a lifetime peerage


The Faculty of General Dental Practice forms


Dr Ali Parvizi becomes Partner at No.90 Harley Street in the same year as The Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations


Dr James Invest becomes Partner at No.90 Harley Street, the same year London is chosen as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games