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Implant-Retained Dentures

Loose dentures can cause embarrassment in social situations and make it impossible to eat certain types of food, with detrimental effects on digestion and overall health. Usually with loose upper dentures people resort to using lots of denture adhesive which leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth and is a chore to clean out in the evenings.

With the placement of two dental implants into the lower jaw or four in the upper jaw, dentures can be clipped onto implants which hold them firmly in place, so they look and feel like natural teeth and allow the patient to confidently smile, laugh and eat all kinds of food again.

The Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic team uses this treatment to help people of all ages, including patients in their 90s, enabling them to enjoy their food and feel confident after in some cases struggling with loose dentures for many years.

If you have loose dentures, book a consultation with a prosthodontist at Harley Street Dental and Implant Clinic to discuss whether you are suitable for implant-retained dentures.